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  • hotel in Nantes, La Beaujoire district.
"La Beaujoire" stadium and park

La Beaujoire Stadium - Louis Fonteneau

Built to host the 1984 European Nations Championships, the Beaujoire stadium can seat over 37,000 people today, placing it 7th nationally. He is the main landmark of the Nantes football club, the FCNA (Football Club Nantes Atlantique). In addition to the 1984 Euro, the Stade de la Beaujoire was used at the 1998 World Cup in France and saw the greatest footballing nations tread its lawn as Spain and Brazil, twice, played at the Beaujoire.

The rugby players are not to be outdone since in its conquest of the West, the Ovalie world settles several times a year at the Stade de Nantes, whether for the Top 14 (French Championship) or the H-Cup (European Cup Clubs). Moreover, the Stade de La Beaujoire has a particular history with rugby... Indeed, it was in the Nantes garden that, for the first time, the Fifteen of France won a match against the Fifteen New Zealanders  a 15 November 1986 (victory 15-3).

Like the city of Nantes, the Stade de la Beaujoire is open to culture and is transformed into a real musical field. Indeed, since its beginnings, La Beaujoire has welcomed the greatest artists such as Genesis in June 1987 and Pink Floyd the following year. Then followed Dire Straits, U2... until Johnny Hallyday recently.

Upcoming events in La Beaujoire (Stadium and Exhibition Centre)

Games of FCNA at home

Nantes 0 14 January 21:00 0 Paris
Nantes 0 20 January 20:00 0 Bordeaux
Nantes 0 10 February 20:00 0 Lille
Nantes 0 24 February 20:00 0 Amiens
Nantes 0 10 March 20:00 0 Troyes
Nantes 0 01 April 20:00 0 Saint-Etienne
Nantes 0 14 April 20:00 0 Dijon
Nantes 0 21 April 20:00 0 Rennes
Nantes 0 06 May 20:00 0 Montpellier
Nantes 0 19 May 20:00 0 Strasbourg

The dates and times are given as an indication and may fluctuate according to the television broadcasts.