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What is the ‘Voyage à Nantes?’
The city of Nantes is known as one of the most culturally dynamic provincial cities... This year, once again, the city of Nantes will make a strong impact, with the launch of the ‘Voyage à Nantes’.
Heralded as a ‘Cultural Apocalypse’, the Voyage à Nantes will transform the city of Nantes into an immense, absurd work of art.
At the moment, very few details have circulated concerning the projects that will bring the Nantes summer to life, but the entire programme will be revealed from the 15th May on the official website.
Here is a video, with the actress Julie Depardieu and the scriptwriter-actor Jackie Berroyer, where the misunderstanding that quietly establishes itself in the Loire Valley is well explained.
The programme of the Voyage à Nantes
While we wait for the fateful day on the 15th May, we are already able to announce that the advent of the Voyage à Nantes will bring the inauguration of the ‘Marine World Carousel’, a merry-go round more than twenty metres tall.
This carousel will strengthen the collection of the Machines of the Isle even further.
Edit of the 15/05:
We waited, and the programme has finally been revealed... Discover it on the official website, ‘Le Parcours du Voyage à Nantes’.
Permanent works of the Voyage à Nantes
The Voyage à Nantes finished in mid-August but, thanks to its success, various attractions have established themselves to remain permanently on the Nantes scene!
Indeed, this summer event has attracted more than 1,200,000 visitors in 3 months!
True passion!
Le Nid
Among the attractions, there is of course the famous ‘Nid’, certainly the best-loved place for those who take part in the Voyage à Nantes.
Nestled high up in the Tour de Bretagne, a 144-metre skyscraper, you can enjoy a Dantesque view over the Nantes area, crossed by the Loire river.
Invented by the artist Jean Jullien (who works for the New York Times, the Centre Pompidou, Nike...) you have the chance to sip on a drink at the bar or sit down on the chairs shaped like eggs, in the middle of a decor that strangely resembles the shelter of a giant white bird.
Don’t forget your binoculars or cameras, and admire the riches of Nantes seen from on high... From all the way up there!
Other permanent works in Nantes
The ‘Arbre à Basket’
Head to the Isle of Nantes, where you will come across a basketball court, which is entirely original since the central basket is made up of... 5 baskets.
A fantastic and friendly way to play basketball in front of a spot known well by Nantes inhabitants, the House of People and Technology, which houses a permanent exhibition on ‘Building Boats’ tracing the Nantes life of decades ago.
More information and photos of the Arbre à Basket can be found on the Voyage à Nantes website
The Marine World Carousel
A true hit in the Nantes summer of 2012, this carousel allows its riders to discover the marine world as they’ve never seen it before.
25 metres in height and built on 3 levels, this new ‘Machine of the Isle’ allows you to dive in with 35 species of flying fish, passing by the Manta Ray...
More information and photos of the Nantes Carousel
The Great Elephant:
Now legendary, the Great Elephant of Nantes is not a work of the Voyage à Nantes per se, but it is perhaps the spark of this euphoria.
Indeed, released in the Isle of Nantes in 2007, cuts an imposing figure at 12 metres in height.
Capable of holding around fifty passangers, the elephant doesn’t hesitate to trumpet to excite the younger amongst you.
More information and photos of the elephant, king of the Machines